BG-90 and BG-91

The portable digital device designed for magnetic induction indication of natural or artificial magnetic stationary fields in the range up to the ±100 000 nT (±0.1 mT) with the resolution up to the 10 nT. The wide measurement range, sensitivity and stability make it universal for the multilateral magnetic field analysis.

The device enables measurements of magnetic field induction or magnetic field gradient in the vertical or horizontal direction.

Technical specification
Measurement ranges: ±100000 nT / ±20000 nT
Resolution: 100 nT / 10 nT
Linearity: better than 5 % from the 0.06 mT indicated range and better than 10 % in the rest of the range
power supply: 2 x 9V / 6 mA; 1 x 9V / 1 mA batteries
Operating temperature range: 0°C až 40°C
Dimensions: 240 mm x 120 mm x 60 mm