BSP1 contact-less motion sensor

The set is designed for a contact-less motion sensing, including sensing of rotation of machine parts or mechanisms operating in the difficult environmental conditions in larger distances or in cases when the moving machine part is enclosed. The product is convenient for the motion velocity measurement of belts, conveyers, chain and belt gearings of mills, crushers, flaps and also as a measuring and controlling element in automated control systems.

Smímač pohybu BSP1


>M1 permanent magnet is fixed on the movable (rotating) machine part.

SP1 magnetic field sensor is a magnetometer for industrial utilization that sense magnetic induction changes given by the M1 permanent magnet motion fixed on the monitored machine part, with a high industrial interference resistance. A flexible cord with the length of 4 m, which can be extended up to the 50 m is a product part.

VE1 evaluation electronics is designed for the SP1 sensor signal processing and BSP1 connection to the automated control systems. The decrease of the rotation under the specified limit by the REmin relay output is evaluated.

Technical specifications
Supply: - +5 V to +15 V / 100 mA (from VE1) 230 V / 50 Hz
24 V / 50 Hz
Revolutions range: 1 - 1500 rev./min. 1 - 1500 rev./min. 1 - 1500 rev./min.
Range: 100 mm from SP1 max. 100 mm from M1 cable 4 m (max. 50 m)
Ambient temperature: - -10°C to 40°C -10°C to 40°C
Cover: - IP 67 IP 20
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 12 27 x 68 70 x 90 x 52

The required level can be set up using the J1 connector in three sub-ranges: 1. less than 1 rev./s, 1 s delay
2. less than 0.4 rev./s, 2.5 s delay
3. less than 0.2 rev./s, 5 s delay
or in the predetermined user defined ranges.