C5-EL and C5-EP demagnetizers

C5-EL demagnetizer

C5-EP demagnetizer

C5-EL and C5-EP demagnetizers are designed to effective demagnetization of one or two baskets of lancets in the time interval of approx. 8 seconds, the time needed for the basket with lancets demagnetization in the demagnetizer working area is 4 s that is at least one demagnetization cycle indicated by the signalization LED diode in the device electromagnetic unit. Furthermore the C5-EP type allows demagnetization of freely spread components in the demagnetizer primary workplace (poles and the area between them). It processes one dose for two or three cycles; the demagnetization of the ferromagnetic components in the boxes moving above poles can be performed in successive steps, one step after two or three operation cycles.

C5 demagnetizer series function principle
The C5 demagnetizer electronic unit contains the accumulation unit consisting of the pulse capacitors. Cycling between the accumulation unit charging and special discharging defines the timer controlling the charging/discharging switch. In the charging time a half of the capacitors is continuously charged. In the discharging time – after switching – the accumulation unit together with the demagnetizer electromagnetic unit creates a special resonance circuit, in which a low frequency process of a multiple change of electrical and magnetic energy with a sequentially decreasing amplitude is in the progress. This process takes approximately two seconds during which the amplitude decreases to zero and within the next two or three-second interval the accumulation unit is charged again for the next demagnetization cycle.

Demagnetization in the C5 is achieved by the optimised magnetic reversal low frequency cycle, which starts with the amplitude of the magnetic field intensity of approx. 100 kA/m and decreases exponentially with the multiple polarity change.

Technical specifications of C5-EL/C5-EP demagnetizers
Supply - supply network 1/N/PE AC 230 V 50 Hz, TN-S
Input 200 VA
Functionality considering the demagnetization capacity the system can be in the active operation for 3 – 4 hours per one day
electronic unit
electromagnetic unit

500 x 300 x 120
200 x 200 x 220
electronic unit
electromagnetic unit

IP - 44
IP - 44
Protection against electric shock STN 33 2000-4-41 Low-voltage electrical installations:
412 – Standard operation protection

413.1 – Failure protection

- 412.1 by parts isolation
- 412.2 by obstructions or covers
- 413.1 by automatic power supply disconnection
Operating / storage temperature 5 až 35°C / - 20 až + 60°C