Position localization system of cleaning devices

The device is designed for a cleaning devices searching in gas pipes in case of its sticking and tunnelling mechanism localization.

The system consists of a special electromagnetic emitter, which is implemented into the cleaning hedgehog and analogously into the easily portable mobile receiver and probe set. The optical and acoustical indicator of the measurement signal level is a part of the receiver. The receiver is equipped with a connector for the possibility to the state control and accumulator charging without the need of the device demounting and accumulator removal. The same connector can serve except of the accumulator charging to the measuring probe connection.

Technical specification:
Power supply: receiver maintenance-free hermetic accumulator V / 1,2 Ah, geometrical dimensions: 42 mm x 96 mm x 52 mm (for example WP type 1,2-12)
emitter 10 pieces of primary cells R6 - AA - 1,5 V (for example WP type 1,2-12)
Operation: receiver in the typical searching mode, when sometimes the first green indicator lights, is at least 16 h. During the signal acquisition signalised by the first two indicator columns it is min. 6 h.
emitter is fully operable in 6 h. (or according to the requirements) after turning on, then the minimum operating time is 12 h.
Position: receiver arbitrary, usually on the neck sling
emitter arbitrary (given by the cleaning hedgehogs position)
probe approximately vertically to the surface and gas pipes
Range: typically ±5 m (in front of and behind the position of emitter)
Signalisation: optical by the colour column imaging triplet
acoustical for the pre-set signal intensity
Dimensions: receiver 60 mm x 210 mm / 1,8 kg
emitter 63 mm x 150 mm / 1,3 kg
probe 75 mm x 30 mm / 1,3 kg
Environmental resistance 0°C až 40°C, IP 56 for emitter, IP 44 for receiver