Elaboration of studies concerning operational measurements

The main area of interest are operational measurements and theoretical analyses.

In the previous years studies, mathematical models and simulations were processed, functional specimens were verified or real experiments were performed, relating for example to:

  • measurement, analysis and different alternatives of driving mechanism initialization and long conveyor belt tensioning verification and optimization,
  • spintronics and its utilization possibilities for military purposes,
  • navigation systems with increased reliability,
  • tensile stress measurement in composite materials using magnetic microwires (EDA-ICET-SESAMO project),
  • satellite technology utilization possibilities for absolute position measurement and control of heavy mining machines,
  • measurement of steel level in crystallizer,
  • measurement of dross ratio in melt,
  • study of magnetic characteristics of vehicles and military vehicles,
  • comparison of material magnetic properties from experimental melting by research and development of new series of electrotechnical metal plates,
  • electromagnetic conditions in working areas with very sensitive or extremely precision machines and devices,
  • electromagnetic conditions in problematic human working areas in the SONY company, in Balneoterapie, in banks etc.