Research and development cooperative for Electronic DIgital Systems (EDIS) was established on July 16, 1990 as one of the first private research and development institutions in the previous CSFR. In this year and also one year later EDIS presented on MSV in Brno the air traffic control system named LETVIS, IMAG pulse electromagnetic vibrator and BG-90 and BG-91 sensitive hand magnetometers.

On the December 1991 ALES Ltd. with the LETVIS application separated from the EDIS company. Since then EDIS employers have been focused on the research and development of specific equipment and systems. In 1992 the first vector analyzer of weak magnetic fields VEMA was developed, which created a bases of the whole type range that has been until now used in different scientific and educational institutions and also companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic. In 1993 the first indicator of ferromagnetic object HFT for extremely complicated operational conditions (climatic, vibration, dusty, sensor distances, pulse electromagnetic interference). The system has been improved and successfully used on the excavators in the north Czech mining company Severočeské doly, previously MUS, Inc. and in other companies dealing with brown coal mining in the north of the Czech Republic, it protects the technological aggregates in the Třinec Iron and Steel Works, Inc. in Třinec and also in several power plants in Tušimice. Based on our company supplies they have been also implemented in completely new (for example new Czech KK1300 excavator from 2011) or innovated technological aggregates by the companies as Elektroprim - Koutník, Inc., Prague, Prodeco, Inc., Teplice, První elektro, Inc., Chomutov, Krušnohorské strojírny, n. p. Komořany (now Slovácké strojírny, Inc.) etc.

In 1994 a contact less revolution counter and motion sensor were developed that is able to operate also with a metal or other obstacle between the sensor and rotating part. The system is characterized by the exceptional resistance against the industrial interference and by the possibility to place the sensor in the distance up to the 10 cm from the rotating part. This series was or has been used in East Slovakian Ironworks, Košice, Magnesite works in Jelšava (as a system for a belt motion monitoring), in MUS, Inc., Most and Tušimice Mines, in Třinec Iron and Steel Works, Inc. and in other companies (as a part of the innovated HFT systems). In 1995 a new system for position localization of small and large cleaning hedgehogs, lost drills and obstacles was developed. This system is based on the emission and detection of the low frequency field and proved its worth mainly in Inžinierske stavby, Inc., Košice.

In 1996 the C5 electromagnetic demagnetizer of the steel pipes and constructions was developed and successfully put into the operation in several companies, which makes the pipe welding easier. Demagnetization is simple, quick and effective. Later also the C5E electronic version of the pulse demagnetizer was developed, which achieves very good results with a less electrical power consumption. According to the specific customer requirements also modifications of these demagnetizers for lancets and other products were developed and successfully put into operation in Chirana and Justur Stará Turá (2010, 2011).

In 2004 – 2006 the EDIS company solved the system of the complex conveyor belt diagnostics based on the magnetic marks in the belt junctions. The system creates automatically the belt image (number of junctions, distance among them, state from the disruption risk point of view), enables creation of the virtual signs for localization of the damaged conveyor belts but in the first place it allows a precise stopping of the designated belt part positioned in the conveyer mounting area.

We participated in the modernization of the sensoric and indicating part of the control system of the biggest machine in the Czech republic – RK 5000 excavator in the frame of its complete overhaul, during which except of the pair of HFT systems our systems used for measurement and indication of the essential angles of the bucket line and machine configuration, including contact-less measurement of the mutual position of the excavator and its conveyor bridge.

During more than 20-year history of the EDIS research and development company also SAMET industrial systems for automatic temperature records were solved, many different studies in the area of sensoric and measurement techniques for the Research Institute of East Slovakian Ironworks, Košice (now U.S. STEEL), Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Třinec Iron and Steel Works, Inc., Třinec, MUS, Inc., Most and other institutions were elaborated. On the company workplace also an automatic workstation for material magnetic properties were realized, which had been used during few years of development to analyze specimens of the electrotechnical steels for East Slovakian Ironworks, to analyze material magnetic properties for the rail manufacturing in Třinec Iron and Steel Works, Inc. and also to perform measurements during the development of new magnetic materials in the Institute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of Science in Bratislava. For the Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of Science in Košice for this purpose a new special differential magnetometer was developed. Some other specialized magnetometers have been by EDIS solved for several universities and institutes of the academies of science in Czech and Slovak Republic. Magnetic measurements have been performed also for the archaeological reconnaissance in Nižná Myšľa.

From the number of completed research projects we can mention at least the task of measurement, modelling, simulation, ratio analysis during the long belt conveyer starting-up and initiating and belt tensioning control automatic machine operation optimization or the task for the magnetic properties (and decamouflaging signs) measurement and determination of the armoured military vehicles.

During the whole time of the company existence many requisitioned ecological measurements and EMC and EMI measurements in the ELF and LF bands of magnetic fields were performed. From the most important customers we can mention for example SONY Trnava, Balneoterapia Piešťany, IRB Bratislava, East Slovakian Ironworks, Košice, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, many construction companies etc.

In recent years (2010 – 2013) was our company involved also into the research activities in the frame of the European projects, for example EDA-ICET-SESAMO project (Sensors for Material Structure Monitoring), or the SESAMO project co-funded under EU's seventh framework (project of the quick contact-less characterization of metal materials – for example for a precise manufacturing reproducibility or for the coin verification).

The EDIS company is also a contractual consumer of the important APVV 0454-07 (New Generation of Magnetic Relaxation Sensors and Signal Processing Units) or APVV 0266-10 (Contact-less Sensors Based on Magnetic Microwires) project results, based on which it realizes the industrial system development for a consequential application in practice.
For the whole time of its existence it supports the development of the applied magnetometry and sensorics laboratory on the Air Force Academy of gen. M. R. Štefánik in Košice, now Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice and also PhD. students. It sponsors conferences and seminars dealing with magnetometry, archaeological research and cooperates also with the Slovak Magnetic Society (SMAGS) SVTS SR.