IMAG electromagnetic and electrodynamic pulse vibrators

The vibrator offers a local pulse electromagnetic field with a defined and in the wide range adjustable power and repeatable frequency, eventually also with a phase controlled feedback impulse triggering. As a result of a network interaction of the field and a ferromagnetically or electrically conductive matter (wall of a container, dumping hopper, carriage, boiler, pipe etc.) there is a quick and non-destructive motion of an object wall, by which it is separated from the substrate that releases. Since the force application is contact-less there are no permanent deformation even in the case that the effectiveness is comparable to the strong hammer beating.


Technical specification
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Performance 100 W ... 10 kW
Input power is 5 – 50 times smaller than the pulse performance

Vibrators can be used in any place where there is an ineligible deposition of the loose material as for example coal, cement, sand, meal, powdered milk, granulates, fertilizers on the walls of containers, dumping hoppers, carriages, mixers, boilers, large-diameter pipes etc. At the same time the object wall is either ferromagnetic (sheet iron) or electrically conductive (for example rustles, duralumin) and allows elastic deformations during the force field application (it means that the substrate is conventionally released using for example hammers). Other application area of the vibrators are places and objects with hard depositions as for example hard water strains, cement remains..., which can be released by vibrations. A significant advantage of these electromagnetic vibrators in comparison to the conventional vibrators, which ineligible hammered the substrate into the wall, is in the active wall motion in the direction from the substrate that results in the effective releasing and separation.