KDP system

The KDP system is a modern complex belt diagnostic system of the belt conveyors. The development of several versions of functional KDP systems was in our company successful and systems were put into operation on the belt conveyors in the ČSA mine, previous MU Inc. Most, Czech Republic.
The basic system conception is based on the sensing and evaluating of the magnetic marks passing comprising from the small superior metal permanent magnets. Marks are implemented directly into the belt on its left and right side at the each joint beginning and end. Sensors are placed (at the driving station) symmetrically to the belt axis. Except of the real joint markers there is also so called reference mark representing a designated real or virtual joint – hypothetical belt beginning.

The following pictures show:
  • conveyor belt, placement of so called measurement cylinder (with a sensor) and its gravitation mechanism of the belt holding down,
  • existing KDP system placed in the laboratory of magnetometry at the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice and EDIS.

Conveyor belt – panoramatic view
Cylinder placement under the conveyor belt, for the KDP system the first (closest) cylinder with the gravitational holding down of the conveyor belt is used.

Functional KDP system prototype in the laboratory of magnetometry at the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice and EDIS.

By the intelligent sensor signal processing the KDP system allows:
  • Creating a belt image, that means to determine number and quality of all real joints sequenced from the belt beginning reference marker. For every joint except of the distance from the previous joint also the absolute distance from the reference marker is evaluated.
  • Other joint characteristic is its state from the disruption risk point of view. It is evaluated by the length changes of the joint monitoring (distance among magnetic markers) at its left and right side.
  • During the visual belt state control (in operation) by the marker bottom pushing, the system enables to add into the belt image virtual marks of the questionable (damaged) locations.
  • During the whole conveyor belt operation time to monitor disruption risk of any joint and to report this event to the mine control centre.
  • To the unique KDP system characteristics belongs the capability to stop the arbitrary chosen location of the conveyor belt in the arbitrary chosen location of the conveyor. In this way it is possible to stop the belt for the detailed control of locations marked by virtual markers (from the continuous visual control) or to stop the conveyor belt with the risky joint in the mounting area. Analogously during the planned belt reparations the KDP system enables to stop the required belt location exactly at the mounting place (including conveyor belt deceleration and running down), which is other valued KDP system capability.