SAMET system

The SAMET is an open modular automatized measuring system enabling a long-term temperature monitoring in eight different points. It is based on the industrial PC-AT and in the function of primary converters thermocouples in connection with intelligent modules ADAM-4000 series are used. The system uses noise-resistant RS-485 serial communication and includes software allowing measured data recording and visualization.

The system comprises of two boxes marked as SAMET /S1 and SAMET /S2. Both of them are supplied independently from power transmission lines (220V/50Hz). They are interconnected through the RS-485 twisted pair.

The SAMET/S1 box contains:
  • LCD display,

  • HDD, Floppy,
  • industrial keyboard,

  • CPU card,
  • power supply.

The SAMET/S2 box contains:
  • ADAM series 40xx modules,

  • power supply.

SAMET system allows:
  • long-term temperature measurement in 1 to 8 measuring points,
  • measurement recording including the date and time stamps to the HD,
  • measurement time interval and the overall measurement time setting (for example one measurement per minute in all eight points and the overall measurement time up to the 6 days).
  • User can define critical temperature values, overrun of which can be signalized.