Vema030 magnetometer

The digital Vema030 magnetometer is designed for vector measurements and for magnetic induction of the stationary and low frequency magnetic field development visualization on the oscilloscope screen, for time and spatial measurement files creation and recording and for the basic analysis in the time and frequency domain and spatial area. It is based on the PC-AT computers using the standard parallel interface for a printer.

The Vema030 mobile portable device is supplied by built-in batteries or from power transmission lines. The whole assembly is shown on the picture. The device is divided into the two parts:
  • User accessible part contains: probe with 5 m long cable, connection cable, 230 V power cable, floppy disk with software, user guide and spare parts.
  • User inaccessible part contains: sensor electronics and signal processing circuits units, accumulators, +/–9 V and +5 V power supply board, charging and diagnostic circuits.

Vema030 allows:
  • measurement and visualization of the time characteristics in the 0 – 250 Hz frequency band in the range of 100 μT,
  • measurement and visualization of the average value and the mean square deviation development,
  • FFT frequency analysis of the measured signals,

  • measurement data acquisition
  • visualization and analysis of the recorded files
  • comparative visualization of the A and B channels

Technical specification
Supply voltage from power grid 230 V / 50 Hz / 8 VA
Accumulator supply 3 x 12 V / 1,2 Ah
Vector measurement range 100 uT
Sampling frequency / sensitivity 500 Hz / 10 nT
Mean value sensitivity 1 nT
Linearity 5% FS
Operating temperature range +5°C to +40°C
Device positioning horizontal
Dimensions 420 mm x 300 mm x 105 mm
Weight with accesories 6,4 kg